DJing for me started back in 1998. I picked up a pair of belt-driven Gemini turntables (eventually upgrading to direct-drive) with a Gemini mixer. WIth a quick trip to Newbury Comics (and later Satellite Records, Boston) I was well on my way!

I started like most do, picking up anything that was familiar and trying to blend stuff or link records. I eventually targeted certain record labels ONLY and started buying tracks from Hooj Choons, DATA, FFRR, Bonzai and the like.

I made the shift in the summer of 1999 to spinning Breakbeat/Bigbeat style sets. I was listening to a ton of Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers at this time, and also experimenting with a BOSS DR-202 for rolls and drum fills. I still feel that “Better Living…” is one of the greatest and most influential electronic albums out there; that sound was very interesting to me, and that style or sound also spoke to the crowd better than the previous style I was playing.

While playing a variety of House parties and the ever-so-famous MCEFests my sound quickly grew to that of a House/Breaks style DJ – Utilizing Laptops and MIDI Controllers I started to see the potential of what I could do creatively with more than just turntables in my sets.

[2003] I had added a laptop with a M-Audio controller. Layering sounds and samples over the top of records. This also allowed me to fade records out but also blend in new beats from Rebirth and have the show run entirely from the laptop and then back to a record again.  This also was prior to the days of anything like Serato, Traktor or Virtual DJ so there was no “Midi Sync” :)

I used turntables up until 2005. I was moving around a bunch at this time, so rather than potentially destroy my records, I gave them to someone who would appreciate them.

Pusher Robot has my entire vinyl collection and the crates.

I wanted to focus in on some production work again. I tinkered with tracks featured in movies, and also sampled that same movie’s audio creating re-edits. The track that still gets the most plays is my remix of Chaz Jankel – Number One. The original was featured in the 1980′s movie Real Genius.

[2009] After awhile, I was interested in playing out, but had no decks! I had started looking into more of a digital DJing solution. For a year or so, I experimented with M-Audio’s torq. Not a bad setup. I started using the XPN as 2 channel stereo soundcard, running the outputs of each deck to a Korg KM-2 Mixer, this to me felt like better control and also merging both digital and analog worlds.

[2009] I gained a Padawan learner, Shutterspeed.

[2009, Fall] Formed Towers of Power with RS-232.

[2010] Grollyfest 2010 was the last time I used torq – Since then I have switched to Traktor.  I like the product so much, I even beta-test for them. Picked up an Traktor Kontrol S4 and haven’t looked back since.

[2011] Formed the experimental dance band known as 3DES (trip-dez, or three-dez) with Bankshot and Shutterspeed. The name is taken from the Encryption Algorithm. #geekhumor

[2011, spring] I started m1xtape in the spring of 2011. After all the artists support, and meeting some really talented people, I started asking to contribute to their projects, gathering remix materials from the likes of Rebel Sketchy & Shotgun Radio.

[2011] Formed The Conscripts with Shutterspeed.

[2011] Releasing m1xtapes monthly, assembling the m1xtape family, making new contacts and discovering new music.

[2012] Recently I’ve added to my current rig: Traktor F1, MIDIFighter Beatmasher Pro & a Korg KP-2, another laptop incase I want to run Rebirth and smash it up with some 303 basslines or 909 kicks.

[January 2012] Red Light Lounge with Shutterspeed. (Grollywed After Party)

[2012] Bootleg Remix of Shock The Monkey, Private mix for Mollymaids, m1xtape XX, became a staffer for Life Support Machine.

[2013] Bootleg of Thomas Newman’s Any Other Name.

[2013] [32x32-000] Bootleg Remix of Cathy Dennis – Touch Me with Shutterspeed.

[2013] 32×32 s o u n d established.

[2013] Released a quick “Traktor’d” edit of Slick Talk Tabasco for Svensax. Full remix version coming soon in 2014.

[2013] 32×32 s o u n d Sessions: Volume 1 released and available for free download.

[2013] Developing custom Reason patches, including the highly anticipated PANCRO Filter used in the remix of Francis & The Lights.

[2013] Remixing for 32×32 s o u n d – [32x32-001] | [32x32-002]

Stay Tuned in 2014!