Name: 2400baud

Former Aliases: Paradox, Hazard, Roger Wilco

Affiliations: m1xtape, Life Support Machine, 3DES, Towers of Power, The Conscripts

Current Setup: Traktor 2.6.x (Mac) + S4 + F1 + Numark Orbit + Korg KP2

Current Studio Setup: Novation Xio 25, M-Audio Uno 1×1 (Casio), Numark DJiO, Korg NanoPAD, AKAI LPD8, Old “Touch-Response” Casio Keyboard that I stole from Shutterspeed, and I can’t part with it.

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite type of Music: Anything with a good groove, or drums you can feel.

Religious views: Jedi

Favorite things to do: Playing music, discovering new music, cooking, good TV, movies that are epic, playing out, working on remixes, google hangout meetings, reviewing music and blogging, discovering new technology or music technology.

Color: Gray

DAW: Sony’s Acid Pro

WAV Editor / Recording: Audacity (in Linux)

Synth: Novation Xio, NI’s Massive, Reason’s THOR, Rebirth’s 303(s), TB-30x, TYRELL N6, E-MU Proteus VX 

Favorite Drum Machines: NI’s MASCHINE, Linn anything, Reason’s Redrum, Roland’s TR Drum Series, Traktor F1 with Custom Samples, Rebirth’s TR-909.

Favorite Labels: Skint, Against The Grain, Ground Level, FFRR, Hooj Choons, DATA, TVT, Junior Boy’s Own, Global Underground, Turbo, 20/20, Wall Of Sound, Rocstar Recordings, the list keeps going :)